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Oro ‘Se Do Bheatha Bhaile

In a surprise move, Liv and Greg are taking music lessons, starting with the tin whistle. It was meant to be a fiddle lesson, and for Liv only, but we’re doing it together, and starting a little further down the instrument food chain. Call for a rendition of Dirty Old Town.

France August 2010

This is the stuffy life

Hanging out in the south of France…


Elephants. This family loves elephants. So today we went to Whipsnade Zoo to see a few, and learns a few things while we were there. Like:

  • The zoo produces 1.5 million kgs of animal poo a year
  • Hippos can spend five minutes under water without breathing

“I’m so happy…

… I can cry”, said Gemma while watching the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. Two thirds Canadian pride, or at least half-Canadian pride, and one third the love of a grandiose event.

Horrible Afternoons

Not really, but Gemma’s been spending an hour or two with BBC’s Horrible Histories. Today topic: Behind The Scenes – the making of Horrible Histories.


Taking Heads didn’t start off us a musical point for the day, but listening to a cover of Once In A Lifetime in the morning prompted a few plays of the real thing, plus dragging out Stop Making Sense, now making “2″ the count of number of saved newspaper DVDs we’ve actually watched.

Primrose Hill

A rare trip to Primrose Hill, via Abbey Road. Taking Vas’s suggestion of Year of the Pub ┬áto heart, we started with The Lansdown for lunch, then off to the amazing Museum Of Everything (and a good website too).

TV On The Radio On The Tube In The Rain…

Statues. Lots of statues.

Went to Hayward on Sunday to see the Antony Gormley show.